Body Wash - Best Ayurvedic Herbal Body Wash

Body Wash - Best Ayurvedic Herbal Body Wash

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Bath daily with Rama International best ayurvedic treatment of skin and one of the best ayurvedic medicine that is a body wash for better results. Use the product for 6-12 months and see the results.

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36 months from the manufacturing date.

Our products are made up of 100% ayurvedic products but a mere consultation are necessary as everybody is different.  Before the application of Rama International best ayurvedic medicine for skin that is the body wash consult with us.

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Aloe vera extract -

 Aloe vera as the name suggests works as a wonder for your skin infections and provides a healthy glow as it is considered best ayurvedic medicine.

Turmeric extract - 

Turmeric, due to its anti-bacterial properties protects your skin from the acne and other infections.

Ritha extract - 

Ritha brings back the lost shine and smoothness of your skin.

Jojoba extract - 

Jojoba is helpful in treating dryness of the skin.

Amla extract -  

amla makes your skin healthy, increases blood circulation and promotes growth.

Rosewater - 

Rosewater provides nourishment and brings back the moisture to the skin and one of the best ayurvedic treatment for skin

Aqua - 

Aqua removes the dullness of the skin and soothes your skin, bring backs its ideal coolness.


The name stands for sodium lauryl ether sulphate helps in removing excess oil from the skin tissues and gives healthy-looking skin.

Coco - 

The coconut reduces the protein loss from the skin and nourishes the skin tissues, brings back the moisture rejuvenates skin and bring a radiant glow.

Betaine - 

Betaine is a natural, high-performance supplement for the hair as well as for skin. It is added to promote younger looker skin.

Glycerine - 

Glycerine removes dryness from the body tissues and moisturizes the skin and makes it look younger.

E, E218 - 

Stands for methylparaben and is an anti-fungal supplement helps in treating fungus and other skin infections.

Product Description

Rama International’s best ayurvedic herbal body wash is for the soft, smooth and nourished body after bath.

This ayurvedic herbal body wash product treats all your skin issues such as body itchiness, roughness, dry skin, unhealthy body and much more. It soothes skin infections and increases body glow.

As beautiful and healthy-looking skin is part of everyone’s wish list. Rama International being the best ayurvedic company in promoting healthcare brings out their amazing product.

This body wash fulfills all the needs of your dream bath. The product smells really nice, makes your skin glowing and protects your body from further allergies and skin problems. 

Switch to the ayurvedic life and see the amazing results your life serves you. Rama International has already taken a step to bring Ayurveda at every doorstep.

This best ayurvedic treatment for skin that is body wash will nourish your skin from within, brings back moisture to the skin and rejuvenates it from within.

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