Moisturizer - Best Ayurvedic Herbal Moisturizer

Moisturizer - Best Ayurvedic Herbal Moisturizer

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To get the best result of Rama International's best ayurvedic herbal moisturizer, use it daily after bath.

Expiry -

2 years from manufactured date.

  • Use the product for 6-12 months for better results.

  • No animal ingredients.

Aloevera extract -

Aloevera as the name suggests works as a wonder for your  skin infections and provides a healthy glow. It treats all your skin allergies and provides a long-lasting glow and acts as an ayurvedic treatment for skin

Turmeric extract - 

Turmeric, due to its anti-bacterial properties protect your skin from acne and other infections. Simultaneously makes your skin radiant and glowing.

Ritha extract- 

Ritha brings back the lost shine and smoothness of your skin. This is one of the best ayurvedic herbs for your skin and hair.

Jojoba extract-

jojoba is helpful in treating dryness of the skin and brings back the glow. It helps in overcoming the dullness of the skin.

Amla extract - 

Amla makes your skin healthy, increases blood circulation and promotes hydration to the skin. The purest ayurvedic herb and the must-have ingredient.

Rosewater- Rosewater being the best ayurvedic treatment for skin provides nourishment and brings back the moisture to the skin. Rosewater is considered as the symbol of ancient beauty.

Aqua - 

Aqua removes the dullness of the skin and soothes your skin, bring backs its ideal coolness. It  Keeps the skin hydrating in a 24 hour day.


The name stands for sodium lauryl ether sulfate helps in removing excess oil from the skin tissues and gives healthy-looking skin. The oil promotes acne and SLES removes the excess oils from your skin.


Or the cocoa reduces the protein loss from the skin and nourishes the skin tissues brings back the moisture, rejuvenates skin and brings a radiant glow. It brings the shine into your skin and can be better than any skin product.


Betaine is a natural, high-performance supplement for the hair as well as for skin. It is added to promote younger looker skin. Feel baby soft skin throughout the day.


Glycerine removes dryness from the body tissues and moisturizes the skin and makes it look younger. Glycerine when combines with all other ayurvedic herbs promote everlasting glow.

E, E218 - 

Stands for methylparaben and is an anti-fungal supplement helps in treating fungus and other skin infections. It helps reduce the early signs of aging too.

Product Description

Rama International‘s best ayurvedic herbal moisturizer is made to keep your body soft, nourished and smooth after the bath. The product is completely free from colorants, ethyl alcohol, and animal-derived ingredients and acts as a best ayurvedic treatment for the skin.

This is the best ayurvedic moisturizer brings back the lost dryness and in return gives the healthy-looking skin.

Moisturizer plays an important role in providing healthy-looking skin.

As an ayurvedic treatment for skin, It prevents the skin to lose its hydration in the period of sunny and damp days.

Moisturizers these days contains a lot of chemical compounds such as colorants, ethyl, and alcohol which at first, promotes healthy looking skin but later caused skin issues such as acne, rashes which are hard to be treated after reaching a certain age.

Products made by Rama International are best suitable for all skin types as well as for all age groups naturally made from the 100% herbs of Himalayas.

The product promises to cause no side effects and no skin damage but only healthy looking beautiful skin. Being one of the best ayurvedic company Rama International aims to be your best healthcare companion in serving Ayurveda at your homes and provides healthy and glowing skin in the form of best ayurvedic herbal moisturizer.

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