Omega 369 Capsules - Best Supplement For Dietary Fats

Omega 369 Capsules - Best Supplement For Dietary Fats

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We want to serve you the best way we can that’s why we are here to share a quick note with you all. Before consuming this product consult the ayurvedic physician. You can talk anytime to our in house ayurvedic physician for free.

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Lyceum fruit:

Also known as wolfberries is super healthy food. It is helpful in treating sore eyes and inflammation.

Acai fruit extract:

They act as antioxidants and are beneficial for brain, heart and overall health. Delivers healthy fats and fibers to the body. Improves skin appearance, detoxifies the blood and much more.

Glycerine carmine: 

It has antimicrobial and antiviral properties and is helpful in treating viruses and other infections.


It is helpful in healing digestion disorders and improves nail strengths and growth.

Blend of flax oil: 

It is helpful in reducing high cholesterol. It calms the inflamed intestines.

Serving size:


Serving per container:


Amount per serving:



Take one cap. Twice a day morning and evening one hour before& after a meal.

To get the best result of Rama International's Omega 369 capsules use it for 9 to 12 months.

Benefits -

1.    It helps in maintaining  good health,

2.    It is a Source for good EPA and DHA for the cardiovascular health.,

3.    It supports healthy growth,

4.    It helps in the maintenance of good hairs, skin, and nails.

5.    It helps defend against the signs of aging.

Product Description

Omega 369 are important supplements for dietary fats. It's important to have the right balance for each of the following fatty acids. Rama International being your best ayurvedic doctor has combined all these fatty acids at appropriate proportions so that you can consume it with your diet.

Any sort of imbalance in these acids can cause damage to your body and cause numerous chronic diseases. Let’s understand the importance of all three fatty acids for your body.

Omega 3 fatty acid - 

This acid helps in making a type of fat that your body can’t make at its own. These are also known as “essential fats” which is necessary to have in your diet.

Omega 6 fatty acid - 

This fatty acid helps in providing energy to your body. It is made up of chemicals that are important for the wellbeing of your immune system.

Omega 9 fatty acids - 

These fatty acids serve the numerous health benefits into your body. Rama International provides you with the best ayurvedic treatment that is important for your wellbeing.

Omega 369 is a nutritional food supplement. It is not a medicine, it is not intended to prevent or cure any disease or illness.

This ayurvedic omega 369 capsule by Rama International is a perfect source of omega 3 fatty acids as it helps in maintaining good health provides healthy hairs, healthy skin and nails and also helps in reducing aging effects.

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