Pulpi Aloevera Juice - Ayurvedic juice For Overall Health

Pulpi Aloevera Juice - Ayurvedic juice For Overall Health

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Use for 6-12 months for better results

Directions for use:

·       Shake well before use

·       Product for adults

·       Keep away from underage children

·       Consume within one month after opening the lid

·       Do not purchase if the bottle is leaked or puffed

·       Refrigerate after opening but do not freeze.

·       Keep bottle tightly closed


Best before 36 months from manufacturing date

No side effects

The product is made with aloe Vera barbedensis juice permitted class II preservatives. 

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Call - 7505579124

Mail us at - care@ramainternational.in to talk to our best ayurvedic doctor before the consumption of this product. 

Product Description

This pulpi aloe vera juice is very useful and beneficial which a product of Rama International and is helpful in the overall detoxification of your body.  It removes all the toxic substances that are residing inside your body. These substances are the result of prolonging illnesses and need to be removed from the body.

There are various dietary supplements, ayurvedic health drinks, tablets that guarantees to detoxify your body from within but most of them contains a harmful substance which remains there inside your body and are responsible for your illness.

Everyone says that prevention is better than cure but we at Rama International believe that “cure is possible” that why we at Rama International provide the best ayurvedic aloe vera juice.

Aloe vera Uses And Benefits Are As Follows:-

1.    Treats blood pressure: If you are someone with high blood sugar levels then this ayurvedic drink lowers down your blood sugar levels by regular consumption.

2.    Detoxifies skin: This pulpy aloe vera juice is helpful in removing all the harmful toxins from your skin.

3.    It provides a healthy digestive system: This is the best aloe vera juice for the liver. It supports your digestive tract and protects you from indigestion.

4.    Keep your skin hydrating: Because of its cooling properties, this dietary supplement keeps your body hydrating throughout the day and provides cooling sensations.

5.    Aids weight loss: If you are one of those people who are suffering from obesity or want to lose weight than try this best ayurvedic treatment. This aloe vera juice will definitely promote weight loss.

6.    Repair skin: It accelerates skin repair by detoxifying your body and regenerates new cells.

7.    Reduces pains: This aloe vera drink is beneficial in reducing your joint pains and will strengthen your bones. It helps in normalizes your blood circulation.

These are some of the amazing benefits of aloe vera juice the product by Rama International. This product promises to serve you with all these benefits. 

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