Royal Berry - Best Ayurvedic Drink For Energy

Royal Berry - Best Ayurvedic Drink For Energy

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Before the consumption of this drink we advise you to take the ayurvedic physician’s advice. We are just one call away consult anytime with us regarding the product and its consumption.

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Acai berry

It keeps your digestive system clean and healthy.


It helps treat diarrhea, diabetes, gout, fluid retention, pain, and swelling.

Black raspberry

This berry protects against cancer and other diseases.


It helps control your cholesterol levels in the body.

Boysen berry 

It helps in weight loss and take care of your skin.


This helps the woman to get pregnant.


It controls pain and burning in urination.


It improves your vision and boost your immune system.

Goji berry

It cures health problems like diabetes, fever, age-related problems.

Gosse berry

It's anti-oxidant properties improves digestion and dietary fibers.

Huckle berry

It improves blood circulation.

Lingon berry

It controls the urinary tract problems.


It provides vitamins and nutrients to the body.


It helps control your body weight.

Red mulberry

It treats weakness and the problem of difficult urination.


It treats as a disinfectant.

Serving size: 

Pack of 750ml


Consume 10-20ml daily neat or dilute with cold water/milk or as directed by a physician.


Best before 18 months from the manufacturing date. 

Product Description

This herbal product that is Royal Berry Juice by Rama International is specially made with a blend of 18 berries and is the best ayurvedic energy drink and promises you to provide with the overall health benefits and is considered as the healthiest food on the planet.

This herbal product will guarantee you  the complete body fitness  and overall development. This is one of the best ayurvedic drink for your overall health development.

This magical elixir drink is the mix of so many pure ayurvedic herbs and healing properties. We believe that this drink will fulfill the need of every nutrient needed for your body.

It is advisable by many doctors and physicians that a person should consume 3-4 litres of liquid per day and no one can stick to this regime for long and our body does not remain hydrated throughout the day.

This ayurvedic juice helps in overcoming the worry of adequate liquid availability in our body. If we consume this healthy drink twice a day then it becomes enough for our body nourishment on many levels.

This ayurvedic drink is calmative, restorative and delicious. It will also helps you in your sleeping disorders. This is a vegan drink free from the animal ingredients.

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