Stem cell powder - Ayurvedic Medicine For cells And Energy

Stem cell powder - Ayurvedic Medicine For cells And Energy

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To get the best result of Rama International best ayurvedic medicine Stem Cell Powder-

Take 10grams of this powder mixed with water, juice and advised to be taken with the morning meal.

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*Use regularly for 6 - 12months for effective results*

Before the consumption of this stem cell powder, an ayurvedic remedy by Rama International it is recommended that you attend the free on-call advice by our in-house available physician.

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Apple stem cells 

It stimulates  aging skin cells and reduces the early signs of aging.

Grape stem cells -

It helps in refining skin complexion and lightens your dark spots.

Polygonum multiform 

This ingredient also controls the aging and forms the cells that formulate anti-aging cells.

Argan oil - 

It helps in protecting the skin barriers  reduce wrinkles, adds moisture, cleanses the skin and condition the hair.

Acai berry -

Helps in functioning the digestive system, treats hemorrhages, diarrhea and ulcer treatments.

Blueberry -

Blueberry acts as the best ayurvedic medicine as it helps in controlling skin health. Stronger bones treat blood pressure, controls diabetes management, mental health and cancer benefits.

Astragali radix 

Used for controlling, preventing, treating and improving body diseases.

Green tea -

It helps in maintaining body weight. Control weight loss.

Green coffee beans -

These help in aiding blood pressure of the body by lowering it and also, help you in losing weight.

Product Description

This ayurvedic herbal stem cell powder is especially formed to increase circulating stem cells, it rejuvenates and activates body cells, it raises the energy and improves your overall health and vitality.

This is the real secret of your healthy life. If you feel low and tired throughout the day then must use this product and feel the difference.

Our body is made up of various cells and tissues. It's important to take accountability for our bodies. This ayurvedic product by Rama International helps to repair cells and delayed aging. It also helps in reducing the fine lines and wrinkles.

This ayurvedic stem cell powder helps in keeping your skin fresh and moist. It helps in burning excess fat from your body and prevents heart disease and cancer.

If you consume this stem cell powder by Rama International on a regular basis it will help you in regulating blood sugar levels brings back your blood pressure at normal a condition that ranges from 120/80.

The ayurvedic stem cell powder by Rama International has more amazing products for your overall cells that are present inside your body. It grows, repairs, rejuvenates your cells, makes them clean and promotes a healthy body and skin.

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