Is it safe to use ayurvedic medicines for a prolonged time duration?

Ayurveda is an ancient system of medicines but it is still scuffling in generating the faith upon various human beings due to several misconceptions and myths that are established on Ayurveda.

Being the best ayurvedic doctor in India it’s our lenient responsibility to remove all these misconceptions and myths that are related to Ayurveda and give you more clear insights for continuing it for a prolonged period.

At first, you need to understand that Ayurveda is not a medicine, it’s not a medicinal treatment instead it’s a diet which one needs to follow continuously as per their body constitution in order to stay healthy for the prolonged-time period.

Below are a few ordinary myths concerning Ayurveda:

1.        Ayurveda is all about home remedies: if home cures could fix diseases, there would not have been the requirements of any specialists. Let’s take an example to understand this even better.

Suppose you are one of that mankind who are fond of eating a lot spicy every day and the next morning you are the one sitting with a sore throat and trying out home remedies to relieve you. But watch out, if this thing happens regularly then stop attempting the home remedies and switch to the best ayurvedic treatment now.

2.        Ayurvedic medicines are liberated from reactions: any article or thing that has an effect will undoubtedly have symptoms too. On the off-side let’s assume that you consume the semi-prepared food it will lead to a stomach throb.

When nourishment i.e., food if not consumed properly can have symptoms than why not the best ayurvedic treatments? Many individuals around the globe take ayurvedic medicines based on the articles on the web or books and later they expect that it will not harm them.

3.        Ayurvedic treatments don’t call for guidance: in the event that anyone gets restored with ayurvedic treatment prompts 10 others to go for the same prescription without appropriate counseling with the certified ayurvedic specialist. Such individuals overlook that ayurvedic medication has been given on the basis of the body constitution of that specific individual.

Rama International will provide you with free counseling with their best ayurvedic doctor for absolutely free. Get your counseling done and switch to their best ayurvedic treatment without any further side effects.

4.        Ayurvedic treatments lay hold of a long time to show their effect: there is disbelief amongst various individuals that ayurvedic medications are slow in action which holds back many impatient patients from restoring with ayurvedic treatment. This, in fact, is not true at all.

Let’s take another example: suppose if you are the one who is constipated and you switch to ayurvedic laxative at bedtime, believe me, the next morning your bowel will be clean. You will not have to wait for 3-6 months for it to show effect.


That’s it! These are some of the major myths and misconceptions that are the deal breakers for Ayurveda. We suggest you to not fall on such myths and contact anytime with our ayurvedic physician for more such info about Ayurveda.

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